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Plasmid DNA Midi Kit (20)

Plasmid DNA Midi Kit (20)

NovelGene Endofree Plasmid Midi Kit is designed to purify endotoxin-free plasmid DNA from 100~150 ml of bacterial cultures. The maximum yield is 500μg

Cat.#. NP-M020

20 preps

Sample volume: 100~150 ml
Capacity:500 μg
Format: Ion Exchange Resin Columns
Operation: Gravity-Flow
Purity equivalent to that obtained by 2X CsCl-gradent centrifugation
Reproducible yields of ultrapure endotoxin-free DNA
No toxic reagents
Ultrapure endotoxin-free DNA is ideal for high reproducibility and efficiency in plasmid-miedicated gene silencing, transfection, gene therapy research, genetic vaccination and other sensitive applications