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96-Well Plasmid DNA Kit (10)

96-Well Plasmid DNA Kit (10)

Novel 96-Well plasmid Kit is designed for rapid isolation of plasmid or cosmid DNA from 1~2 ml of bacterial cultures.

Cat.#. NP-P96-10

10 plates (96 preps x 10)

Sample: Up to 2 ml of bacterial cultures

Binding Capacity: Up to 15 μg per well

Format: 96-Well plates

Operation: Centrifuge or Vacuum

Operation Time: Within 60 minutes

High, reproducible recovery of plasmid DNA

Rapid and simple procedure

No phenol, chloroform or alcohol

Purified DNA are ready for direct use in DNA Sequencing, DNA Library Screening and Analysis, Restriction Digestion, Ligation and Transformation