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NovelFast Plasmid DNA Midi Kit (20 rxn)

NovelFast Plasmid DNA Midi Kit (20 rxn)

Sample Source: Plasmid DNA from Bacteria Sample Size: 100-150 ml of Bacteria cultures Capacity: 500 μg


Pre-packed anion exchange resin columns are used to purify plasmid DNA from 100-150 ml of bacterial cultures in NovelFast Plasmid Midi Kits. In the process, the modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment are used to get cleared cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA and RNA contaminants. Following binding of the plasmid DNA to the column, the contaminants can be washed off with wash buffer. Finally, the purified plasmid DNA is eluted with a high salt buffer and desalting with isopropanol by binding filter. The entire procedure can be completed in 90 minutes resulting in high purity plasmid DNA without ultracentrifuges, HPLC or other toxic reagents.

Purity equivalent to that obtained by 2X CsCl-gradient centrifugation.
Reproducible yields of ultrapure DNA.
No toxic reagents.

High-purity DNA suitable for use in Plasmid DNA Preparation, Transfection (non-endotoxin sensitive), Sequencing, In Vitro Transcription, Microinjection, Restriction Digestion.